Cover Reveal for How Perfect You Are

cover ebook

My debut novel, How Perfect You Are took me…hang on, let me check the revision history on Google Docs…a little over two years to write. It was the first time I’d ever written more than 20,000 words of anything, let alone finished an entire, full-length novel. It kicks off what I hope to be a fairly long-running series centering around students at the fictional Carlson College. I just got the cover design back from the creator and I am absolutely obsessed. The designer is a Fiverr seller, username rebecacovers. She does absolutely fantastic work, and I’m so glad another self-published author recommended her to me. I literally squealed when I first saw the cover, and I am NOT the kind of person of squeals normally. At least, I don’t think I am. So let this be a lesson to me and all other authors interested in self-publishing. Unless you are a rockstar graphic designer, you should probably contract out the cover development. Covers are BIG in terms of getting potential customers to click on or pick up your book. I’ll be honest- as a fairly visual person, a cover is actually a huge draw for me. I’m way more likely to pick up a book with a pretty or interesting cover. Does that make me a person who judges a book by the cover?

Regardless, I’m still super psyched about how this one turned out. It’s so much better than the not-too-shabby cover I cobbled together myself.